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穆雷数学线分析16.11.2016 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)


分析  November 16th, 2016

EUR USD, “欧元/美元”

从H4超趋势反弹后,欧元/美元货币对再次试图固定在0 / 8水平下方。 如果空头成功,价格可能会恢复到2 / 8水平的下降运动。

The lines at the H4 and H1 charts are completely the same. Yesterday, the pair rebounded from the 1/8 level and started a new decline. I’m planning to start selling with the target at the -2/8 level as soon as the market fixes below the H1 Super Trend.

USD CHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

Yesterday, the USD/CHF pair rebounded from the H4 Super Trend and right now is testing the 8/8 level. If the price manages to stay above this level, the market will continue moving upwards to reach the closest target at the +2/8 one.

At the H1 chart, the pair is being corrected between Super Trends. As s result, to resume moving upwards, the price has to fix above the 8/8 level and the H1 Super Trend. As soon as it happens, I’m planning to open another buy order.

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